Photographing "Landscapes of Change"

I am most attracted to photographing landscapes that visibly change through time and space. This includes landscapes that have constant movement such as oceans and their associated tidal movements but also landscapes undergoing prolonged changes like dunes or industrial landscapes. In the dunes I would often visit the same area but each day it looked different as the wind changed the shape of dunes and created new ripples in the sand. Ocean tides move in and out. Industrial landscapes transform from natural, untouched lands to anthropocentric landscapes of disturbance. Landscapes that move, change, modify, and react to their surroundings in both space and time are ripe ground for my photography; they excite my senses and my desire to see a landscape evolve.

Zebra Stripes From the Dunes Alight collection


937 Cases From the Corona Coast collection


As a journalist-turned-designer, the driving interest in my work is to unify the ethical and documentary obligations of journalism (storytelling) and its common ground with the projective, forward-thinking obligations of the design fields (futuretelling)."

Jonathan Knight