Sand Dunes Skylines

Prior to my arrival in the sand dunes I pre-visualized many images without any sort of backdrop: either a blank sky or no horizon by shooting down from the tallest dunes. However, after arrival I became fascinated by the changing backdrop as I moved up and down the dune formations. Mountains would hide and reveal themselves around each dune. Clouds would appear and disappear as I moved and they moved. Dunes would reveal and hide other dunes.

The skyline series tells the story of the ever-changing backdrop to the sand dunes: clouds, airplanes, mountains, and stark blank sky. It evokes both movement of body but also movement of time.

I immediately abandoned my presumptions about the images I wanted to make and became obsessed with making days’ worth of images only about this concept. Some of my favorite images from my three weeks in the dunes were from this series. Be careful of your assumptions and embrace your feelings.

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As a journalist-turned-designer, the driving interest in my work is to unify the ethical and documentary obligations of journalism (storytelling) and its common ground with the projective, forward-thinking obligations of the design fields (futuretelling)."

Jonathan Knight