Ghost Ecologies: Work in Progress (2016 - ?)

If we are to change the world, we must communicate our world’s most pressing critical issues in ways that change hearts and minds of the viewer. The combined acts of photography and landscape architecture can help lead the way. The following photographs unify the ethical and documentary obligations of journalism (storytelling) and its common ground with the projective, forward-thinking obligations of the design fields (futuretelling). All design decisions involve value judgements, any acts of building are political, and social justice must always be raised when we seek to modify our physical environments. The medium of photojournalism can yield means and methods to more aptly approach these design decisions.

Photography is a tool to document and express voices in front of the camera—both voices of people and ecological voices. The use of photography helps to literally and figuratively “ground” what is happening here. The work here is incremental, each frame builds on the previous; the further you go, the more you understand what is happening here. In this way, the image forms a simulacrum, representing a piece of a more complete landscape.
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