We support Charities, Non-Profits, and Research Institutes

We value the places where our art originates, giving back to like-minded teams, and other social causes near and dear to us.

Causes we support

Instead of just saying we support the outdoors and the organizations helping to protect these lands, we felt it was important to declare exact causes we want to support, causes close to our hearts and values of our team. We decided we should limit it to 3 main areas:
    1.    Environmental Conservation & Protection

    2.    Spinal Cord Injury Research (Jonathan’s brother is a quadraplegic)

    3.    Children’s Environmental Education & Access (K-12 students)

What we’re doing

1) To help support these causes, we will donate 5% of your purchase cost to a qualified, top-tier organization that fits into these 3 areas of focus.

2) Our team will personally invest time volunteering through relevant local organizations. Each dollar you spend will be converted to a minute of volunteer time. Spend $1,000, that’s 1,000 minutes (or 16 hours) of volunteering in our local communities.

How do you participate?

It’s easy! Upon checkout, 5% of your cart total will be set aside. That's it! Check our blog for updates as we volunteer in our communities.

Thanks for reading,




Jonathan Knight, Artist/Owner