Dear reader,

Hi! I'm Jonathan, the owner and artist behind the work you see here. This note is NOT going to tell you why you should purchase my artwork or explain why I'm the best photographer ever. I'm not going to do that. Instead I'm going to tell you who we are and what we’re about.

Our Manifesto

We are NOT...
    •    ...a big, stiff corporate art gallery or artist

    •    ...the best at every genre and product type

    •    ...a company who cares about money
    •    ...ignorant

    •    ...scared of getting our hands dirty

We ARE...
    •    ...a small, lean business with fewer employees than most American families

    •    ...a customer-centric team. We will respond to EVERY customer email within one business day. Guaranteed.

    •    ...engaging, personable and fun.

    •    ...caring of the quality you would expect from a high-end gallery
    •    ...bootstrapped and proud of it
    •    ...passionate about doing something meaningful with art.

That's the overview. But I want to elaborate on a few points:

We're small.

We're a small team. Really small. In fact, most of what you see on this website or my art booth has been done by just a few people. This makes us more lean than your typical, stuffy art gallery or artist. We can make decisions faster, move faster, learn faster and we relentlessly care about what we spend our time on to deliver excellent fine art to your door. Being small also means you can directly email or call Jonathan (me). That’s pretty atypical of most art dealers and galleries.

We're bootstrapped.

I am not a filthy rich artist selling prints for the price of a new car from my house in Aspen, Colorado. We launched most of what you see with a website subscription and hours and hours and hours of formatting, uploading, and writing. I started this business without any income coming in and living with my parents. This keeps us focused on staying close to our customers and learning from them and giving them what they want. Not what we think they want. We listen. 

We really f**cking care.

No, really. You have no idea. Being small, bootstrapped, and built at a time when I didn’t have any income coming in tells you I care. I built this business because I felt every fiber in my body telling me to do it, not because I wanted fame or thousands of Instagram followers. I built it because I believe in sharing our world with people and protect our beautiful places. This breeds a culture of giving a shit. Writing this right now, I give a shit. I give a shit about you, my art, and what I hope my art can do for the world.

In fact you can even schedule a call with me, the artist. We want you to be a part of this. I want you to feel like I am a part of your art buying experience, not just a signature on a piece of paper.

We make art easy to buy.

Why do so many artists make it hard to buy their art? Buying museum-quality, beautiful art should be easy. Our website is specifically tailored for you to buy art in just 6 clicks! Really! Try it out. Fine art in five minutes!

We make it easy to purchase Jonathan's art with no emails, no sales quotes, no phone call, nor "DMs" on social media. You can buy ready-to-hang art in just a few minutes shipped right to your door.

It's not about the money.

Yes, you have to buy the art. But I hope what you take away from purchasing my art is more than just something for the wall. I hope you become interested in the subject, a fighter to keep that place sacred and whole and protected, a warrior against those trying to take these lands away from us. To this end, we donate 5% of gross revenue to our causes. We also volunteer. Every dollar you spend with us is converted to time volunteering—in person, with real people, making connections and making a difference. We are here to stay by making a difference in the world one art purchase, one book sale, one project at a time.

So will you join us on this fun exciting journey and make waves with us?

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of then let's get started.
Thanks for reading,

Jonathan Knight, Artist & Owner