Seven Summits

Jonathan's journey to climb the highest point on each of the seven continents.

Feats and Accomplishments:

While there are many amazingly talented, courageous, or downright
crazy people garnering attention for all kinds of feats and firsts, I
will have to disappoint you now. I will not be the fastest, the
youngest, the oldest, the first left-handed person, or the third
left-handed person climbing them all blindfolded, or first American born
west of the Mississippi on a Tuesday, or first to bungee-jump, ski,
snowboard, etc. off the summit of each of the Seven Summits. I am not
climbing to set records; I climb for other reasons.

With that said, based on independent research and numerous web searches, I
will hold a number of accomplishments and “firsts” after successfully
completing the Seven Summits.

Possible Feats and Accomplishments:

1) First person born in Kansas, USA (I have spent about 26 of my 32 years living in Kansas);

2) First professional and licensed landscape architect;

3) One of the youngest Americans

4) One of about 150 Americans and 425 people globally to complete the Seven Summits.

5) First Kansas State University graduate (Kansas, USA) (GO WILDCATS!

Seven Summits Map

(note this map uses Puncak Jaya as Australia's highest point per the "Messner List." I use the original "Bass List" which uses Mount Kosciuszko on mainland's a greatly debated difference that I will not go into now but essentially ask yourself "What is a continent?")

Mount Kilimanjaro (1 of 7)

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