Nude Study #3


Dunes Alight

Each work is customized and made in-house. Every step of the process is overseen and reviewed by Jonathan.

Limited Edition Print (Edition of 30). Your Choice of:

  • Unframed or Framed
  • Custom-made Black or White Frame (Optional)
  • Full Bleed or Mat Framing (Optional)
  • Sizes 18"x27" to 42" x 72" ; Custom sizes available
  • See Product Details and Shipping Information for additional details

Only 30 pieces in stock!

Every piece is made to order just for you. As a result, all orders are final as soon as they are placed. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us before placing your order.

The frame comes right up to the edge of the print.

Mat Border
Artwork is framed by an acic-free 3-inch, 8-ply white mat border. Due to the manufacturer limitations, prints larger than 54" will have a 3" paper border instead of a matte.

Unframed Prints
All unframed work is printed with a 3" paper border.

Plexiglass Only Framing Option
Artwork is permanently face-mounted to plexiglass using a clear adhesive and does not include a frame.

Artwork comes finished in a premium, hardwood frame with your choice of a white or black finish. Print sizes smaller than 40" x 60" are drymounted to acid free foam board. Framed works come equipped with hanging hardware, clear bumpers and a protective paperback finish.

Frame Size + Thickness
Frame size varies by print size.

  • Frames 30" x 42" and smaller: 3/4" face, 1 1/4" deep
  • Frames 32" x 48" through 38" x 57": 1" face, 1 7/8" deep
  • Frames 44" x 63" and larger: 1 3/4" face, 1 1/2" deep

Bracing (for sizes larger than 38" x 57")
A wood or aluminum brace will be mounted to the back of each plexiglass, along with a french hanging cleat. The cleat will require additional hardware based on the make of your wall.

Custom Sizing
Custom sizing is available outside of our standard sizing. Please contact us for a quote.

Certificate of Authenticity (COA) (Limited Edition Only)
Designed to protect the integrity and genuineness of a Jonathan Knight fine art print, the COA minimizes risk of forgery and duplication. Each limited edition work comes with its own certificate, embossed with the official Jonathan Knight seal, as well as detailed information about the work such as the title and edition number. It is highly recommended that collectors carefully keep and store these certificates, preferably separate from the original artwork.

Standard Plexiglass
Acrylic glass rated to block up to 70% UV rays. Please keep in mind that our standard plexiglass will have reflective properties similar to glass.

Museum Plexiglass
Acrylic glass rated to block up to 99% UV rays. The best option for a high-quality lock, museum plexiglass reduces 20% of reflections. Easy to clean surface with enhanced durability.

Approximate Final Dimensions

Open Edition
Print Size         FINAL SIZE
8" x 12"               11" x 14" finished size ready for frame and/or matte
10" x 15"             16" x 20" finished size ready for frame and/or matte
12" x 18"             18" x 24" finished size ready for frame and/or matte

Unframed (with 3” Paper Border)
Limited Edition
18” x 27”             24” x 33”
36” x 24”             42” x 30”
48” x 32”             51” x 38”
57” x 38”             63” x 44”
72” x 48”             78” x 54”

Framed with 3” White Mat
Limited Edition
18” x 27”             26” x 35”
36” x 24”             44” x 32”
48” x 32”             56” x 40”
57” x 38”             65” x 46”
72” x 48”             82” x 58”

Framed Full-Bleed (no mat)
Limited Edition
18” x 27”             20” x 29”
36” x 24”             38” x 26”
48” x 32”             50” x 34”
57” x 38”             59” x 40”
72” x 48”             76” x 52”
Plexiglass (Full-bleed only)
Limited Edition
18” x 27”             18” x 27”
36” x 24”             36” x 24”
48” x 32”             48” x 32”
57” x 38”             57” x 38”
72” x 48”             72” x 48”


Free Shipping
Free shipping is available on all orders. Expedited shipping is offered upon request. Please email us for a quote.

Unframed Prints
Unframed shipments take one to two weeks to arrive from the date of order. Unframed prints can be shipped worldwide. Prints will be shipped in a tube.

Framed Prints
Framed shipments take three to four weeks to arrive from the order date. Framed shipments are limited to destinations with the contiguous United States. However, we offer our unframed prints with free shipping to customers worldwide.

Face-mounted, Plexiglass Only Orders
Shipments take three to four weeks to arrive from the order date. Please add an extra week for museum plexiglass.

All Plexiglass Only and Framed Prints size 38" x 54" and larger
Plexi and large framed orders will be shipped via freight service. You will be called the day before to schedule a delivery. Deliveries are made between the hours of 12PM-5PM Monday through Friday. We urge our customers to ship to a business location if possible as packages to require a signature and cannot be left with a doorman at the time of delivery. Jonathan Knight Photo, LLC is not responsible for the safety of your artwork once delivered to the address provided.


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