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Jonathan Enters Photography

First Camera

Jonathan takes a photojournalism course in high school and promptly buys his first camera.

First Published Photograph

Jonathan begins as a photojournalist for the award-winning Kansas State Student Publications.

Jonathan wins first award

First Award

Jonathan wins a prestigious scholarship from the Kansas State AQ Miller School of Journalism.

Sports Specialist

Jonathan continues sports photography

Jonathan begins to specialize in sports photography with Division I conference championships, bowl games, and March Madness including the Elite Eight.

A New Path

Towards landscape photography

Jonathan begins to photograph landscapes in Kansas and Colorado, transitioning away from photojournalism.

A New venture

Jonathan starts photography business

After seven years of learning and practicing techniques for landscape photography, Jonathan opens his photography business.

First Photo Trip

Jonathan hits the road

Joanthan hits the road for two months for his first photography trip (was supposed to be five before coronavirus).

Jonathan's Journey to Fine Art Photography

First cultivated in the Kansas plains where Jonathan was born and raised, landscape has served as common ground throughout his life. His most profound moments have been in/near/above landscape: from the lowest point in North America to the highest point in Africa. These experiences stimulate his passion for showcasing our common grounds—to share places worth caring about.

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We value the places where our art originates, giving back to like-minded teams and other social causes near and dear to us.

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